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Terri Bester Mayes

Terri Bester Mayes, a native of Birmingham, AL, lives in Trussville, AL with her husband Deron. They have one daughter, one son, and three grandsons in Jacksonville, FL, and twin sons in Huntsville, AL.  


Terri graduated from Spelman College with a BS in Computer Information Systems and a MS in Computer Science & Engineering from Auburn University.  She also holds several certifications including Business Relationship Management Professional and Certified Culture Engineer.

Currently, Terri is employed with American Honda Motor Company as the IT Strategic Business & Applications Planning Lead where she supports five Divisions in the IT Business Unit, including Enterprise Admin Services, Cyber Security, American Honda Systems, Captive Finance, and Development and Manufacturing Systems.  In addition to her job responsibilities, Terri is Past Chair, African Americans in Manufacturing.  She is involved in the Honda Business Resource Group and serves as Community Chair, Asians in Motion Honda Business Resource Group.  Outside of work, she spends her time participating in Birmingham Women In Tech, 

Business Relationship Management Institute, and Birmingham Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.  

Why is it important to give back to Spelman?

Giving back to Spelman is a no brainer for me. A large part of who I am was shaped by my experiences and relationships at Spelman. I give so that others have the opportunity to receive from a place that poured so much into me.

What words of encouragement do you have to inspire our classmates to support our Beloved Spelman College?

I don't have a biological sister so when I came to Spelman I didn't really know what to expect from an all women's institution. What I found was a phenomenal group of sisters. I have lifelong friends from my time at Spelman that have walked with me through some of my lowest lows, highest highs and all in between. Spelman is a true sisterhood. You feel it when you walk on the campus, read an email from the college or see a post on social media. Supporting Spelman gives women a place to belong where sisters truly care. This is rare air we breathe being Spelman women, a long legacy that cannot be denied. A sisterhood that lives on ... 30 years later I still tear up when singing the Spelman Hymn and get chills when I speak the name - Spelman College.


Can you share a special memory from your college years?

I remember meeting up with my friends Kelly Debro Brooks, Adrienne Michele Crenshaw Rowland, Germayne Crow Graham, and Darlene Abernathy Neely for dinner in the cafeteria as often as we could. We sat around the table laughing and talking about our day. Little did we know that we were developing bonds over meals that would last 30 years and counting. 

How has Spelman College impacted your life?

In more ways that I probably realize. Spelman women don't take shortcuts is a phrase that has stuck with me over the years. Spelman inspired me to be great and unapologetic about it. Spelman gave me a boldness and a confidence to fully own the space I'm in and be proud to be a Spelman woman.

Will you be attending our 30-year reunion? 


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