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Dekia M. Scott

What would you like to share about yourself?

I attribute a major part of my professional success to my decision to choose Spelman College for my undergraduate college experience.  This is because it was during those four critical years that I was introduced to, embraced and cultivated the concept that I am as capable, as valuable, and as powerful as anyone I have encountered or will encounter in my future.  Our history and our contributions as women of color in this society has proven this to be true, time and time again.  As time passed, the most clever of us eventually termed it “Black Girl Magic”.

Why is it important to give back to Spelman?

There is no place on earth quite as unique and special as Mother Spelman.  It is a pure gift that must not only sustain itself on solid footing but also grow stronger and brighter to continue changing the lives of young women who should be properly celebrated and highly prepared, before she enters the mainstream world.


What words of encouragement do you have to inspire our classmates to support our Beloved Spelman College?

I remember the day of our commencement ceremony like it was yesterday.  At the end of the program, we sang the Spelman hymn one last time together with tears flowing, hand in hand and with our hearts uncovered.  We will never forget that day nor those years.  That is why we must faithful be, throughout eternity.

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